Born in 1986, Benjamin Hoffman is a documentary filmmaker and a photographer with a journalistic education and background.

His essays and documentaries have been published in several newspapers or have been broadcasted on television internationally.

He has published two books, Beta Israël, the Remnant of Ethiopian Jewry and Testament Manouche (released in June 2016). 

He is mainly focused on documenting issues that are not much covered by the media and is particularly interested in cultural migrations and population displacements stories.

He is a lecturer and gives photo and video workshops at the MJM Art School, Paris and at the Paris City Hall. 

Benjamin Hoffman also is the founder of the production company Asterias Productions dedicated to commercial and advertisement contents.

Press & Interviews selection.

Vice Magazine - Trois ans avec les jeunes manouches de France                             LCI - Testament Manouche                                                                                               France TV - Testament Manouche, la disparition d'une culture                               Arte/TV5 Monde - Beta Israël, The Remnant of Ethiopian Jewry                               Europe 1 - Carnets du Monde                                                                                         Canal + - Crowdfunding et photojournalisme                                                               France Info - Photojournalisme, attention danger                                                       Le Figaro - A la rencontre des jeunes manouches d'aujourd'hui



Exhibitions & awards.

September 2016 - Testament Manouche , Les Champs Libres, Rennes                                                                               Paris May/June 2016Testament Manouche , Galerie Loiseau, Paris
May/June 2016Testament Manouche , Galerie MDA, Rennes
March 2015 - BeitRukh / OmanSail , Art Sawa Gallery, Dubai
October 2014Moscow International Foto Awards. Honorable Mention.
July 2014 -  PX3 Paris Photo Prize. Silver Medal.
February 2014 - Suspensions , Galerie Les Bobines, Paris.
January 2014 - Eyes on Asia Award. Finalist.
November 2013 Vies Partagées, Maison de l'Amérique Latine, Paris
August 2013 - Fondation pour le Logement Social Award.
July 2013 - MYanmar, carnet d'errances, Palais de Tokyo, Paris.
June 2013 - Beta Israël, les derniers juifs d'Ethiopie, CCJC, Paris.
October 2012 - Présentation du livre Beta Israël, Salon du livre du prix des correspondants de guerre, Bayeux.